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Archaeology and the Bible - Luke Chandler

October 09, 2023 Justin & G5 Episode 113
The Extra Mile Podcast
Archaeology and the Bible - Luke Chandler
Show Notes

We welcome Luke Chandler to the studio to discuss archaeology and the Bible. 

Luke Chandler is a seasoned Bible teacher and travel leader with an M.A. in Ancient & Classical History and experience with ten seasons of archaeological work at biblical sites in Israel. Luke is a member of ASOR (the American Schools of Overseas Research) and has served as an adjunct professor at Florida College.

Luke leads regular tours to Europe and the Bible Lands. You may learn more about his upcoming tours at the Chandler Tours website. He may be contacted directly at ChandlerLuke – at – or through the Chandler Tours Facebook page.

Luke is a minister with the North Terrace Church of Christ near Tampa, Florida and makes evangelistic trips to South America and Spain. He and his beautiful wife Melanie have five children.

(00:00:00) - This is The Extra Mile    
(00:01:28) - About Luke Chandler    
(00:04:39) - Beginning Archeology    
(00:06:40) - Proof in the Dig    
(00:15:37) - Impact of Archeology    
(00:18:11) - Perspective in Reading the Bible    
(00:20:23) - Apologetics in Archeology    
(00:23:53) - Fake Discoveries    
(00:26:41) - Placement of Your Faith    
(00:30:43) - How to Volunteer to Dig    
(00:33:38) - Artifacts    
(00:40:02) - How Are these Objects Preserved    
(00:47:01) - Archeology Resources    
(00:48:34) - How Would You Go the Extra Mile?

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